7 reasons to paint the floor

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Has the homeowner who renovated the second-hand house considered the decoration of the floor? Prying off the original ceramic tile flooring or solid wood flooring is a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive project. Because it is troublesome, the renovation of the floor may also be delayed. So why not try painting the floor?

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7 reasons to paint the floor


Painting the floor is much cheaper than installing wood floors. You only need to buy a few buckets of paint, which the cost is much lower than wooden flooring cost.



Whitewashing the floor can conceal the flaws of the original floor surface, and even mix the ground of different materials, such as wooden floor, ceramic tile and cement.



Pure white is the classic Nordic style, and gray is the industrial Loft atmosphere. You can also paint various patterns to enhance the indoor fashion level. Painting wooden floors, just like painting walls, has an amazing effect. It can be used to create a warm atmosphere, and it can also be used to design a variety of decoration styles.



Especially for the interior decoration of second-hand houses, the compatibility of whitewashed floors is very high. You can easily determine the color or pattern of the floor according to the original hardware of the house, and the cost is not high.



Over time, the painted floor will show the charm of wear and tear, and even make you reluctant to renovate. This is the retro style popular in recent years.



The painted floor does not require special maintenance, just clean it as usual.



Houses with whitewashed floors are rarely seen. If you choose to lay tiles or laminated wooden flooring, you can only face a limited choice of goods. Painting the floor can give you free space. The whole floor covering is a large canvas for your private collection, which shows your taste very well.


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The benefits of painting the floor

The solid hardwood flooring material is a kind of organic substance with porous structure. When it is in direct contact with the air, it may be contaminated by dust, dirt, grease, glue and chemicals. It may also lose its brilliance when exposed to direct sunlight, or be damaged by friction from external mechanical forces. Tile wood flooring can also easily absorb moisture in the air and cause volume shrinkage, leading to warping, cracking, and deformation. Floor paint is to protect wood from mechanical friction, direct sunlight, moisture penetration and dirt pollution, maximize the service life and use value of wood, and greatly improve the various properties of plank wood flooring after painting.


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