Are there huge differences in production for luxury vinyl flooring?

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No matter what industry it is, there will be the same products but different qualities. Is there really a big difference between the so-called "high-end series" and "normal series"? Take our flooring industry as an example, when choosing a high-end flooring system, you must learn to distinguish, so that you can finally choose a high-quality flooring.

High-end vinyl flooring look very different from other regular wood flooring. When we say high-end products, we mean more clearly visible products, i.e. the design of this product is so refined and high quality that it is visible to the naked eye. High-quality vinyl flooring systems are a prime example. It lives up to its name – this floor uses premium materials that are extremely durable, and goes a step further in aesthetics without compromising practicality. People who have been in the flooring industry for a long time should know that there is another type of flooring in high-end flooring that is often mentioned, and that is hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring are recognized as suitable for the vast majority of environments in the world. So what's the difference between luxury vinyl tile flooring and it?

High-end vinyl flooring is known in the flooring industry, and the main reason why everyone willingly sets it apart from the rest is the way it's made. As a leading manufacturer in the LVT flooring industry, we use a very hilarious heat press method to create waterproof vinyl plank flooring. This heat injection technique involves an important baking process, during which the modern vinyl flooring becomes clearer, and the durability and stability of the vinyl flooring are further enhanced in this process. Layers of heating and layers of pressure resulted in a nice fusion of the final vinyl flooring. It is no exaggeration to say that using vinyl flooring can refresh your room and cover bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, living rooms, RVs, dining rooms and basements. Self-adhesive vinyl flooring tiles can transform difficult to clean, boring and drab floors, worn floors in average sized rooms in a matter of hours.

On top of that, our high-end vinyl flooring have additional benefits. We re-engineered the core of our planks as a limestone-based composite. By using up to 70% limestone content in our plank cores, we created the unique "rigid" properties of our floors. Not only does the high limestone content mean less expansion and contraction to begin with, but it also means that when expansion and contraction do occur, the floor can handle it. This allows us to recommend our products for use in almost any application.

Most vinyl flooring are 6" or 7" wide and 36" or 48" long. Our planks can be designed in wider and longer sizes. This oversized size allows our gorgeous design to fully emulate the look of a engineered vinyl plank flooring more accurately.

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