Can Carpets Be Placed on Vinyl Floors?

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Vinyl wood flooring enters the field of vision of millions of households with its significant advantages. The biggest advantage of vinyl plank flooring is that it is 100% waterproof, and it can be widely used in kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, cafes and other spaces. Vinyl flooring is durable with a commercial grade wear-resistant layer. Nowadays, vinyl flooring has also combined with new technologies to produce many products, including rigid luxury vinyl flooring, stone plastic composite vinyl flooring and outdoor vinyl flooring for decks.


Vinyl wood flooring is not cheap, and it is necessary to maintain and clean it in due course. Many families decorate the floor with carpets. But is the carpet safe? Can we lay carpets on vinyl floors?


Carpets can be placed on vinyl plank floors, but the backing and materials of the carpet must be carefully distinguished.


10-1-stone plastic composite vinyl flooring

Carpets made of natural materials, such as cotton or wool, are safe for vinyl plank flooring. The rubber mat carpet is not safe, it will cause a chemical reaction with luxury vinyl sheet flooring.


Vinyl, a man-made material, is made by mixing petroleum-based products with plasticizers and other additives. When vinyl is exposed to high temperature, humidity or sunlight, the rubber and vinyl floor will have a chemical reaction, which will affect the normal use of the floor.


It releases gas that discolors and stains adhesive vinyl flooring. You must be very careful when buying carpets for new vinyl flooring.


Safety Rugs for Vinyl Wood Flooring


Neither rubber-backed carpets nor jute-lined carpets should be used for laying on vinyl plank floors, as both types of carpets will leave unsightly yellow stains. The former will discolor and dirty the vinyl floor due to exposure to sunlight or friction. In addition, it will leave behind sticky residues that are difficult to remove. This is not conducive to the cleaning of the floor. The backing jute is not soft and easy to itch.


Rugs for Vinyl Plank Flooring


Generally speaking, natural fiber rugs including cotton, seagrass and wool can be safely used in vinyl flooring. The premise is to put a carpet mat to increase cushioning and avoid friction and scratches.


1. Cotton Backed Carpet


Most carpets in the market have rubber backing for slip resistance and water resistance. However, the laid vinyl floor is waterproof. The cotton lining carpet is soft and will not scratch the floor, nor will it rub against the floor and produce chemical reactions that will cause stains and discoloration. It should be noted that cotton carpet will be very slippery when placed on the floor, so it is necessary to place a non-slip carpet pad to fix the area carpet to avoid slipping and abrasion of the carpet.


2. Hand-woven carpets


To be honest, most of the market is synthetic fiber carpets. Hand-woven natural fiber rugs or cotton rugs are also desirable options. Hand-woven carpets do not add any dyes and additives to discolor the floor. In addition, cotton carpets are soft and easy to clean. Wool is durable but expensive. In contrast, jute carpets and cotton carpets are durable and cheap. Colorfast carpets are also safe for vinyl flooring for stairs.


10-2-vinyl flooring for living room

Carpet Mat for Vinyl Plank Floor


The carpet pad protects the vinyl flooring for living room from contact with the carpet backing, thereby buffering the wear and tear of the carpet backing. Door mats should avoid the use of rubber mats.


It is also easy to clean and maintain the carpet, that is, vacuum cleaning or machine washing.


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