Can You Install SPC Flooring Over Tile?

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Flooring trends tend to change quite a bit over the years. Things get more and more advanced. Vinyl flooring these days look almost exactly like the materials they're meant to replicate. Homeowners want to renovate the look of their homes. These homeowners have an average household income of about $130,000/ year, meaning that these people want their homes to look nice but are still on a budget. There are two flooring trends which have gained popularity. These are luxury vinyl flooring and ceramic tile flooring. Despite what you might think, vinyl flooring has been gaining popularity over ceramic tile. Many people who have ceramic tiles are considering replacing them with luxury vinyl flooring. Therefore, these people wonder if vinyl flooring can be installed over ceramic tile flooring.


22-1-luxury vinyl flooring

The Vinyl flooring is considered the simplest flooring installed material a person can come across. This material is growing in popularity because it can really give a room a whole new feel. Moreover, there are many designs a person can choose from when it comes to vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring can be used as an original floor or as a remodel. Especially when it comes to remodeling, homeowners have raised a lot of questions and expressed interest. In particular, they're asking if it's necessary to remove the current flooring before installing the luxury vinyl flooring.


SPC stone plastic lock floor is a new material of PVC sheet floor. The middle layer is made of natural marble powder to form a solid base with high density and high fiber network structure, the upper layer is covered with super wear-resistant polymer SPC wear-resistant layer, and the surface layer is treated by UV layer, so it has good pollution resistance, wear resistance and antibacterial property, while the bottom layer is made of environment-friendly plastic substrate, which is waterproof and moisture-proof. Due to the function of the locking force of the lock, the floor is easy to be paved, free of brushing glue, and the joint of the pavement is more compact.


22-2-environment-friendly plastic substrate

In the market, the new super core SPC lock floor is the leader of PVC lock floor. The middle layer is made of high-quality calcium powder, high-quality resin and high-tech technology. The bottom layer is made of glass fiber. The comprehensive bearing capacity is doubled; The surface texture adopts 4K color film, the texture is soft and fine, thickened UV treatment, better wear resistance, waterproof and fireproof, not easy to scratch, reaching the commercial level. The production technology of new super core SPC lock floor is advanced, the selection of base material is more strict, and the connection between tongue and tenon is closer and smoother. Suitable for indoor family, school, office building, factory, public place, supermarket, business, stadium and other places.


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