Design trends for bathroom flooring in 2021

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Usually the concept of bathroom design is related to the design arrangement of the entire living space, and its style is determined by a complete visual concept. The trend of bathroom floor design in 2021 is also diverse.



Trend 1: bleached wood floor

Not everyone likes the bright brown spots on most solid hardwood flooring. For some people, a softer white wooden flooring suits their taste better. This floor is composed of bleached wood. This involves applying a chemical solution to the surface of the wood to remove the color. It will bring the wood an off-white appearance by painting, and you can still see the natural wood grain, so you will not lose the charm and beauty of natural wood.



96 patterned vinyl flooring (1)

Trend 2: patterned vinyl flooring

Usually we classify tile wood flooring as practical use, rather than decorative use. However, if you have been thinking about adding a unique touch to your home space, you can add patterned vinyl flooring to the list of options for elegant flooring.


In 2022, it will take on a whole new look. Specifically, we see more and more patterned vinyl floor tiles appearing in kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces. When you can choose this interesting and unique pattern, why design the floor in your home the same as others? Patterned vinyl tiles are a great way to add character to a kitchen or dining room. This will definitely become a major trend in the flooring industry in 2022!


96 patterned vinyl flooring (2)


Trend 3: retro black and white vinyl flooring

By 2022, black and white vinyl flooring will return strongly, even though they are no longer old-fashioned black and white tiles that decorate historical houses. The new tiles create a more luxurious graphic style. More and more owners want their floors to have a unique feeling.



Trend 4: natural wood floor

As people pay more and more attention to sustainability and the way that outdoor spaces are introduced indoors, the trend of natural colors floor will continue for some time. The simplicity and comfort of natural wood floor will create the relaxing luxury that most people seek.



Trend 5: large tiles and hexagonal patterns

With the rise of the use of large vinyl floor tiles in kitchen and bathroom decoration, this type of floor is becoming more and more popular. Hexagonal tiles have been receiving attention for some time, especially when used in the kitchen or bathroom. By 2022, we will see large-size hexagonal tiles, as well as tiles of various other shapes, dominating the living room, dining room, and kitchen. These shapes floor can create beautiful effects in any room! They can display a variety of different floor textures, sizes and colors, and finally blend together well.


In the choice of decoration materials, people are no longer satisfied with traditional flooring. The owner hopes that the new floor material has uniqueness in design and texture, whether it is wood floor, patterned vinyl tile, or ceramic tile flooring.

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