Does SPC Flooring Scratch?

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On present market ,no matter domestic or commercial usage for ground material which mostly uses ceramic tile and wood flooring. But in your actual usage , its easy to scratch the surface of ceramic tile and wood flooring,even if granulum of sole will easy to leave scratch on the surface of ceramic tile or wood flooring. So super wear resistance of SPC flooring performance just can meet this point.


General floor, wear-resistant revolution is 6000 or so, and SPC wooden floor wear-resistant revolution can reach 16000 or so, or even higher. This can be confirmed by a small test. When you scrape the SPC floor back and forth with a steel ball or other sharp tool, you will find that there is no scratch on its surface, and the grain is still very clear. SPC floor has super wear resistance, anti impact, not easy to deform, and its service life is more than 20 years.


What factor can decide super scratch resistant of SPC flooring?

UV coating: This layer decides stain resistance ability of flooring and protects decor film layer ability. DECNO SPC flooring use the new technology UV coating, which contains metallic oxide, inside, which ensures the scratch resistance of the floor.


19-1-super wear resistance of SPC flooring

Wear layer: Basically, it determines the life of our floorings. It is also the most critical layer that determines the wear resistance of the floor. The thickness is generally 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm. The wear-resisting of the SPC flooring wear resistant layer can achieve commercial grade wear resistance. Its impact resistance is stronger. So the service life of the floor is greatly increased.


The SPC flooring looks stronger and more wearable than wood material from the raw material point of view, and the stability of the SPC flooring structure is also inceresed by the one-time molding process.


19-2-the DECNO SPC floor

The DECNO SPC floor is scratch resistant and you don't have to worry about scratching the floor surface during use. The scratch-resistant index on the surface of the SPC floor reflects its ability to resist sharp scratches.


In order to verify this performance of the floor, the specially experiments have been done, using a metal key and hard plastic to repeatedly draw the floor surface with a certain force, observe the floor surface from all angles, gently wipe the floor surface, the experiment shows that the floor surface does not have any scratch.


In daily uses, you do not worry about the following situations : Pulling the table and chairs, children pulling the toy car, skating in the living room or ladies walking in high heels can scratch the floor. Besides, the dog or cat rubs on the floor may damage the surface of floor with their paws, but DECNO Solid polymer core flooring will help you get rid of this problem.


The wear resistance of the SPC flooring has been general recognized and praised by customers. The strong wear resistance of the SPC flooring makes it becomes the preferred flooring for schools, shopping malls, and other places where has the high requirement of scratch resistant degree to the flooring.

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