How Do I Select a Low-maintenance Floor?

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Choosing materials should based on their merit rather than their projected cost. That's because the entire life cycle of a flooring product will be a cost consideration - sometimes more than you expect for the installation. So when choosing flooring materials for your facility, you should look carefully at their maintenance requirements. In other words, it's essential to use value engineering principles to select your materials. This means that to select the right material for your application, analyzing the cost, expense, and durability of each material is your first task.


43-2-best vinyl flooring

Suppose you want to compare the material costs of PVC tile flooring and marble tile and need to think through the following. While PVC tile flooring is very cheap in the initial material cost comparison. However, durability has to be factored in to be considered due to high traffic, potential grease spills, and constant wear and tear. In this regard, PVC tile flooring and marble tilel costs the same. At the same time, they are both relatively low-maintenance flooring options. After using porcelain and quarry tiles, they only require simple cleaning with tools. Therefore, after comparing all factors, PVC tile flooring is the most cost-effective material choice, both initially and in the long run.


Long-term flooring materials are as follows.



43-1- LVT flooring

1. PVC carpet tiles.

For a soft surface floor, a square-shaped PVC carpet is the most durable and easiest to maintain. When a traditional woven carpet is extensively damaged, you have to replace a whole carpet. But when a square-shaped PVC carpet is soiled, you can simply replace that square, which requires less labor, materials, and time. With the advent of moisture-resistant adhesives and industrial-strength tiles, there are few places where you can't install carpet tiles.



2. PVC printed vinyl flooring.

Printed PVC rectangular flooring is easy and quick to install because it has the same size format, making it the perfect choice for renovating a home. This printed PVC flooring can be looked like marble, hardwood, or other types of expensive flooring. Since their pattern is printed on the top layer of polyethylene flooring material, the price is very low. Even if a complete piece of PVC printed vinyl flooring needs to be replaced, it will cost very little.


43-3- low-maintenance flooring


3. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT).

Although vinyl composite tile (VCT) is a low cost material, maintaining its surface requires constant stripping, waxing and polishing. Luxury vinyl tile is your best vinyl flooring option. Although LVT is more expensive, it offers greater design flexibility. From stone to hardwood, LVT flooring can mimic almost any material. Because of the design of LVT's outer wear layer, there is no polishing required to maintain this PVC flooring, only regular cleaning.



4.Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is easy to install and low-maintenance, making it ideal for industrial applications. Polished concrete can withstand chemical spills, oil, and other environments, so it requires very little maintenance. It is similar to epoxy systems in that polished concrete requires only periodic sweeping and spot cleaning, with occasional deep cleaning. While its material cost is higher than laminate or VCT, its minimal maintenance requirements shrink its cost of use.


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