How Is LVT Different from Hardwood?

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Nowadays, many families do not have the ability to distinguish different materials when choosing floor decoration materials. Hardwood flooring has existed for so long that it is one of the criteria for distinguishing flooring materials. Luxury vinyl tiles are comparable to hardwood floors in many areas. Nowadays, luxury vinyl plank flooring is beautiful, effective and reasonably priced.


This article will distinguish between luxury vinyl floors and modern hardwood floors from the following five aspects: appearance and style, durability and stability, environmental impact, application, and cost.


Hardwood floors are beautiful and timeless, available in a variety of colors, qualities and styles. Its price is higher than LVT.


With the advancement of technology, the difference between luxury vinyl tiles and hardwood floors is very small, the former has a nearly perfect hardwood appearance.


7-1-plank hardwood flooring

Natural hardwood floor is enduring for a long time, but the appearance and style of hardwood have many limitations, such as the limitation of wood types and the difficulty of customization and design. Mahogany is hardwood, but not all hardwoods are mahogany, especially in the types of flooring. In contrast, patterned vinyl flooring makes up for the shortcomings in this area. With the development of digital photography and image editing/manipulation, luxury vinyl tile designers can create natural and realistic products to meet the different needs of customers.


All in all, there are significant differences between hardwood and commercial wood design vinyl planks, but modern technology makes these differences extremely difficult to recognize.


Hardwood flooring is stable and durable, but it needs frequent maintenance. It is only suitable for areas that are not susceptible to moisture and low traffic. Luxury vinyl tiles are also very stable and durable, but there is little or no maintenance. LVT has a very strong wear-resistant layer, which allows it to be applied to almost any area.


7-2-rigid core luxury vinyl floorings

Under normal circumstances, the durability of the floor is directly proportional to the use time. A stable flooring material can maintain its shape and size to resist humidity and/or climate change.


As a natural material, well-maintained wide plank hardwood flooring requires careful maintenance. Wood is porous and susceptible to damage from external weather and liquids, which makes it unsuitable for areas that are exposed to water such as bathrooms and kitchens. The durability of hardwood lies in its polyurethane coating, which requires regular maintenance, so hardwood floors are not suitable for commercial or high-traffic areas.


As a synthetic material, premium vinyl flooring is resistant to humidity and weather, and has an extremely hard and durable wear layer.


Hardwood floors require a lot of real wood, which increases the rate of deforestation to a certain extent. The luxury vinyl tiles are composed of recycled materials.


Bamboo hardwood flooring can be used in commercial environments, but require frequent maintenance. Hardwood floors are also suitable for sports and residential purposes, but they are expensive. Rigid core luxury vinyl floorings have good moisture resistance, stability and durability, and can be infinitely customized.


Hardwood floors can be maintained regularly. Luxury vinyl tiles have the lowest maintenance cost.



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