How Long Is the Service Life of LVT Flooring?

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Generally speaking, the service life of luxury vinyl tile flooring can reach about 20 years. Like other floors, the life of vinyl tiling flooring also depends on the quality of its products, the correct installation method and the degree of maintenance.


LVT is a luxurious vinyl floor that can be cut into square tiles. The structure of LVF is mainly backing, core material, image layer and wear-resistant sheet. The thick wear layer protects the floor from scratches and abrasion. In addition, the waterproof premium luxury vinyl tile can be wiped clean easily. Vinyl tile floors should be at least 20 mils, but many floors should be as high as 28 mils.


LVT floor, soft and flexible flexible floor, can be bent into rolls. The market retail price of LVT floor varies. It used to be mainly used in tooling projects because it has high requirements on the floor and requires professionals to lay it. Therefore, in view of cost factors, LVT flooring is usually only suitable for large-area laying. For rental houses or offices with low flatness requirements, this kind of floor is both good-looking and affordable. The recognized advantages of LVT for bathroom floors mainly include low price, environmental protection, wear resistance, good elasticity, impact resistance, waterproof and flame retardant, waterproof and moisture-proof, and convenient maintenance. Luxury floor vinyl tiles are often laid in schools, kindergartens, playrooms, and are also used in family children's rooms.


4-1-luxury vinyl tile flooring

The reason why high-quality LVT flooring can last for 20 years is its rich layers. The LVT floor consists of five different levels. Therefore, this floor not only has excellent waterproof and sound-absorbing properties, but also brings extremely warm and soft ground touch to your feet. In addition, the LVT floor still maintains its ultra-thin characteristics, making it a perfect choice for indoor renovations.


1. High-performance top layer


The top layer with anti-scratch and anti-fouling technology can effectively protect your floor from dust, dirt and scratch damage. In addition, it makes your floor easy to clean and maintain. The super matt surface has a natural appearance.


2. Fine printed vinyl decoration layer


The advanced printing technology used on this layer gives the LVT floor a unique and rustic look.


3. Vinyl resin core with super impact resistance


4-2-LVT for bathroom floors

The vinyl core with waterproof and sound-absorbing effects ensures the comfort and durability of the floor.


4. Super stable outer layer


This layer contains ultra-thick glass fiber, which greatly improves the dimensional stability of the LVT floor.


5. High-efficiency and impact-resistant vinyl back sheet


This layer is waterproof, and the perfectly balanced back plate prevents warping or deformation.


In addition, the advantages of non slip LVTflooring cannot be ignored. LVT floor is a kind of PVC floor. The main raw material is polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. There is a special PVC wear-resistant layer on the surface of the PVC floor. The thickness and quality of the wear-resistant layer directly determines the service time of the PVC floor. The texture of PVC floor is soft, so it has good elasticity. At the same time, PVC floor has strong impact resistance. The fireproof index of qualified PVC floor can reach B1 level.

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