How do I Choose the Color of Flooring?

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In this article, we will give you some tips on how to choose the perfect floor color and texture. The color of the floor should not be taken lightly, because it combines the walls and ceiling; it will become the background and canvas of your space. This will be crucial when complimenting your furniture and details. Choosing a floor for your home is a big decision. Between material costs, installation time, and wondering how to take care of your floor, it's easy to understand why many homeowners are desperately convinced that they made the right choice before taking a risk.


What is your interior design style?

So first, define your interior design style. Define the attractiveness and beauty of your space. It is very important to set your interior design style before making a choice, because each design style has different color palettes, materials and textures. After that, we can start looking for available colors and textures according to our style and budget. For example, if you like rustic or industrial style, then raw materials and texture floors will be perfect.


On the other hand, if you like minimalism, clean and light colors will be great. What is the style of your home? The answer to this question is a good starting point, so get inspiration first and define your interior design style.


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What is your palette?

Before you start choosing your floor, it is always a good idea to remember a color palette. Do you know the general colors and textures you will use for furniture, paint, lamps, rocks, and accessories? This will enable you to quickly reduce the floor color options to a manageable number. Think about the elements that make up this space and what it looks like with the future.


You don't want the color of the floor to match the color of the furniture, because this will make the room look boring. At the same time, don't choose colors that contrast with each other. The important thing is that your floor complements your decorative color, not competes with it.


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Thinking about the function of space

White walls, high ceilings and large windows will naturally make the room appear larger than it actually is. Light-colored floors have the same effect, so if you want to make the room bigger, choose light-colored floor finishes. Choosing the same colored floor throughout the home is a great way to make the whole home look bigger.


The sense of unity provided by this option makes your home look like a continuous area, with light and space flowing. Always consider the function of the space, as there are many different options that can be used as a floor. This does not mean that one type is better than the other, but one type of floor may be more suitable for you than other types, depending on the activities you will perform in that space.


If you have a dog or children, if you are a renter or have a limited budget, each of these conditions will determine which floor is reasonably priced and suitable for your lifestyle and requirements. Some materials are suitable for high-traffic areas, while others cannot withstand wear. Some are as waterproof as vinyl or tiles, making them ideal for use in spaces such as kitchens or laundry rooms. Perhaps, if you are a renter, laying laminate flooring in areas with no humidity is good and affordable.


When you choose the perfect floor color and texture, keep in mind the space characteristics, humidity, maintenance cost, installation price, wear, and how to keep it clean. You need to consider the cost of floor materials, so choose a floor that suits your budget, style and lifestyle.


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