How to Maintain SPC Flooring?

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SPC vinyl plank flooring was invented 35 years ago. Through the tireless efforts of professional flooring manufacturers, the level of laminate flooring has been greatly higher. Our company uses the latest and most environmentally friendly technology to provide you with the best SPC flooring. These floors are not only easy to install, but also have an unparalleled surface wear protection system.


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What is laminate flooring?

Because of the high price of solid wood flooring, many consumers choose other materials as an alternative to wood planks. The best alternative to solid wood flooring that has been invented is SPC laminate flooring. This wood flooring has superior performance and far surpasses wood in every way. In addition to being cheaper, professional SPC wood flooring has greater wear resistance. Last but not least, laminate flooring is also the primary choice for achieving the "greener" goal.


Composite vinyl flooring generally has four layers: a layer, a design layer, an inner core layer, and a backing layer. Each layer of the flooring material has a different function. The abrasion-resistant layer protects the flooring from stains and encounters fading. The design layer is the photographic image that determines the appearance of the flooring and consists of wood, stone, brick, or ceramic. The inner core is the plastic resin that keeps the laminate stable and flat. The backing is a moisture barrier used to prevent the floor from warping. After decades of tireless work by researchers, this layered structure has made laminate flooring extremely durable.



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What is pure SPC flooring?

Pure SPC flooring is one of the stone plastic composite flooring systems. Waterproof pure SPC flooring can be laid in many different locations, including areas such as restrooms and kitchens. Its very durable and sturdy properties make it an excellent choice for home improvement. Our company produces pure SPC flooring which is the latest SPC flooring on the market and is a product designed specifically for your needs. It is lightweight, sturdy, easy to lay, and much more.


Simple maintenance steps for SPC laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is designed and manufactured with "low maintenance" theory. By following these simple steps, you can make them look great again.


1. Place a natural or non-fading mat at the entrance to the room to clean the resulting dirt and absorb excess moisture.


2. Use felt floor protectors on chairs and other furniture to keep their indentation resistant.


3. In general, the heavier the item, the wider the floor protector should be.



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Daily laminate SPC flooring care and maintenance procedures.

1. After sweeping with stick items, choose effective floor care products to further care for the laminate SPC flooring surface.


2. For some stains floating on the floor, simply wipe them with a cloth or sponge.


3.The floor should be wiped dry in time after cleaning with a professional SPC floor care solution.



You should try to avoid the following operations.

1. Do not use wood panel cleaners containing soap-based ingredients, as they may dull the shine of your laminate flooring.


2. Do not use abrasive cleaners, wire balls, or stain removing powders, which can scratch your floor surface.


If you can't choose the right care product yourself, you can buy the right floor protector at your nearest flooring retailer.



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