How to Remove the Wear Marks on LVT Flooring?

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As we all know, luxury vinyl plank flooring is very durable, but it is softer than most laminates and tiles. Vinyl flooring can easily be pierced by very sharp objects. In addition to perforations, vinyl without a hard core will dent due to heavy objects. In addition, patterned vinyl floor tiles also have a different finish than tile effect laminate flooring. This topcoat is not UV resistant and will fade or change color over time. A dim or scratched luxury vinyl floor is unattractive, and it is sure to spoil the illusion. Therefore, preventing scratches and maintaining gloss are an important part of maintaining the floor.


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Clean Luxury Vinyl Planks


One of the best ways to prevent dirt accumulation and prevent scratches and darkening is to clean the floor with a soft broom every day.


Use a vacuum cleaner without a stir bar, otherwise the stir bar attachment will damage the floor surface.


Occasionally use a mop to remove more dirt or stains.


Use plain water instead of abrasive cleaners or amino cleaners. The former will leave a dim film on the floor, and the latter will decompose the floor material and cause cracks in the floor. In this way, the gain is not worth the loss.


If you have to use a strong detergent, please add warm water to dilute it in proportion and mop with the solution, and then use a second mop and clean water to rinse the floor.


Do not use pasty wax or solvent-based polishes.


Vinyl flooring can be installed on almost any subfloor. Thick vinyl flooring can tolerate imperfect subfloors. Luxury vinyl wood flooring generally adopts click lock, glue or loose installation methods.


LVT with good waterproof performance is suitable for bathroom or kitchen. These two areas are often in contact with water, and the waterproof performance of laminate, solid or engineered wood is relatively weaker than that of luxury vinyl. No one wants to change the floor frequently.


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Repair Luxury Vinyl Planks


First find the nearest wall parallel to the plank. Then pry off the skirting board and remove the mold. Find the end of the vinyl plank near the wall and pull it out to remove it. Take out the new luxury vinyl plank and replace it back on the wall. Insert the end of each plank into the previous one, and then push it down and back to combine them. After getting back to the wall, replace the mold to cover the expansion gap.


Sunlight will affect the patterned luxury vinyl tile flooring. In fact, most floors will receive varying degrees of damage from sunlight. Prolonged sun exposure can fade or discolor the luxury vinyl planks. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to draw the curtains to protect the luxury vinyl parquet.


Is it possible to lay carpets or mats on luxury vinyl planks? The answer is yes. But not all carpets or mats are suitable for vinyl wood floor tiles, such as rubber or latex backed mats, which will leave unsightly stains and sticky residues that are difficult to remove on the floor, and they may even interact with the floor. Negative chemical interaction. It is recommended to use undyed vinyl mats or woven carpets. Generally, place a carpet or mat at the entrance of the room, otherwise the dirt will scratch or darken the floor surface. Shoes will be exposed to many harmful chemicals, and the mat prevents the transfer of these chemicals.


How to remove the wear marks on luxury vinyl flooring? Generally speaking, for smaller wear marks, you can try to wipe with an eraser. For larger wear marks, try to rub the rubber soles of tennis shoes in a circular, abrasive manner, or use tennis balls to rub the wear marks. In addition, you can also use baking soda paste, lighter fluid, toothpaste or other over-the-counter products.


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