How to choose the thickness of vinyl tile flooring?

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The flooring option that has been heavily used in commercial spaces and residential interiors in recent years is undoubtedly vinyl tiles. Anyone who has used this type of flooring knows that LVT flooring are extremely durable and can offer many types of printing techniques and textured embossing to differentiate your flooring from popular styles. In addition, this type of flooring is an excellent choice for bathroom flooring because of its excellent waterproof and non-slip properties. But a very important factor when buying vinyl flooring is the thickness of the flooring. The right thickness can bring you the ultimate experience.

Thickness measurement

There are two metrics to consider here. The first is the actual thickness of the board itself, usually in millimeters. Standard vinyl flooring thicknesses can be from 2mm to 8mm, of course you can customize thicker types. The millimeters here actually indicate the quality of the flooring, and the thinner the flooring, the worse the quality.

Vinyl flooring are mainly composed of several different layers, namely a polyurethane coating, an abrasion resistant layer, a printed film layer, and a vinyl core. Each of these different layers has its own properties. The first layer is a polyurethane coating, which is used to protect the wear layer, so as to ensure the long-term gloss of the flooring. The second layer is a wear-resistant layer protected by a polyurethane coating, which can well protect the flooring from damage in the short term. The third layer of printed film is made of paper, which can be freely designed with desired patterns and colors, resulting in a look and feel comparable to stone and wood. The fourth vinyl core is usually a blend of vinyl with plasticizer or fiberglass. In addition, some vinyl flooring may include a layer of padding, usually cork or foam, to reduce noise when walking and provide additional insulation.

10-2 thickness of vinyl tile flooring

The main reason why we say vinyl flooring is durable is its wear-resistant layer. The wear layer protects the patterns and colors printed on the film from wear and tear from daily use. However, products with the highest wear layers tend to cost more. We recommend that general residential flooring installations can choose the smallest wear layer, and if there is a lot of active time at home, choose a thicker wear layer. For commercial installations, the wear layer must be selected to a thickness of 30 million mils.

Before buying, make sure that the product you choose is suitable for residential or commercial use and that the manufacturer gives you enough time for warranty service. Longer industrial use warranties suggest that modern tiles have thicker wear layers. ASXXOON FLOORING CO. has always insisted on providing customers with more professional one-stop solutions for flooring problems. Products cover SPC lock flooring, LVT lock flooring, dry back, self-adhesive flooring, commercial coil flooring, etc., suitable for homes, hotels, schools, hotels, hospitals and other places.

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