How to install the SPC flooring?

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Because of the aesthetics and durability, SPC flooring is always the best choice for designed rooms. Compared to other types of the flooring, the SPC floor is easy to clean and maintain. It has a unique interlocking-edge witch makes the installation more easy. Just follow the steps and you will know how easily to install this product in a few hours.



48-3-SPC plank flooring

Step 1: Get tools and materials you need

SPC means stone plastic composite. SPC flooring price is often higher than the other type of flooring. In order to install the SPC core flooring successfully, you should prepare well in advance. We need some tools and materials such as utility knife & straight edge, measuring tape, shears for cutting around irregular shaped objects, 1/8 spacers, transition moldings and baseboards.



Step 2 : Make preparations for installation

Before installing the best SPC flooring you choose, it’s necessary to place the SPC tiles horizontally in the room where it will be installed. The temperature of the room need to meet the requirement. It should remain between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius during the installation.


Any adhesive residue or water must be removed to ensure the SPC plank flooring stick to the sub-floor tightly. Make sure the sub-floor is flat and it must be sanded or filled with a floor leveler. Any moisture problem of SPC waterproof flooring needs to be solved before installation. To prevent moisture from seeping through, it’s necessary to apply a polyethylene of a thickness of 0.6mm to seal the joins. In this way can avoid any residue on the vinyl SPC flooring.



48-1-SPC flooring

Step 3: Installation

The installation of SPC flooring tiles should begin with a corner and proceed from the wall with the tongue facing away from the wall. When you lay the first row in a straight line, you should interlock the short ends by inserting the tongue into the grooves at an angle of about 15 to 20 degrees. We strongly recommend you to stagger the rows to ensure the short edge seams are not in a straight uniform line when installing your SPC flooring.


It’s very important to keep the seams tight between planks. When you hear and feel the click during the installation that means you create a tight seam. The gap between planks will influence the installation afterwards. If there is visible gap between planks, pull the planks apart and try again.


48-2-SPC floor

When you start to install the second row, you should use a straight edge and utility knife to score the plank and snap it after measuring and marking. And then, interlock the first plank of the second row again at a 15-20 degree angle. For the next planks, the way to interlock is the same as the first row. Start the third row with the last plank remaining from the precious row.


It’s easy to fit your SPC with the irregular objects. You can make a pattern out of heavy paper to fit around pipes or irregular objects. Then put the pattern on the plank and trace. Cut along the trace lines and the lay the plank.


Those are the steps to install the SPC flooring. Have you learned how to install your SPC flooring?

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