How to mix the flooring in a complementary way?

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The flooring can make a huge impact on the overlook of your custom home. It is often a surprisingly exciting part of the process when designing a home. Flooring with diverse styles, colors and textures can decorate your home and make your rooms looks more different. So It is necessary to have a clear understanding of how they interact with each other as you transition from one room to another.


There are several flooring options when designing a custom home, such as hard surfaces like luxury Vinyl Tile, soft surfaces such as carpet and so on. These flooring can really liven up your room and play together in a appropriate way. There are some suggestions for mixing flooring.




Tile Flooring

There are different types of tile flooring, such as bathroom tile flooring, ceramic tile flooring and outdoor tile flooring. Tile is a great choice for many rooms. You should have an ideal style of your room before choosing the tile flooring and understand where is an ideal to use a wood and carpet flooring instead.


Using grout color that matches your tiles that will stand the test of time. And remember that simple and elegant always works. Sticking with simple colors will make your home clean and the modern tile flooring will allow you to spice the rooms up with some less permanent elements. But remember that don’t mix and match the different tile within the same room because the contrast can be quite jarring.



Hard Surface Flooring

Because of the clean look and durability, the hard surface flooring such as the hardwood or luxury vinyl tile flooring are always popular. Here are some suggestions on choosing flooring if you are considering a hard surface.


It’s of utmost importance to consider the lighter finishes of the flooring because the lighter colored finishes can give your room a more open feeling. Let the light bright the grey wood flooring and vinyl tile, which will give it a feel of free flowing air and space. On the other hand, don’t forget about the dark finishes. The dark flooring can make a large space feel more intimate so it can be used in an empty rooms. Choosing a dark wood grain can make the large space feel more homy and comfortable. Besides, we recommend you to pick complementary colors for your cabinetry, but it doesn’t mean you can choose too variant in case that your home will be a bit confusing and feel messy.


46-3- modern tile flooring


Soft Surface Flooring

Carpeting is always the best choice when it comes to traditional comfort, especially for bedrooms. Choosing a luscious and gentle carpet to cover the accent key areas will make your room looks more modern.


Choose the soft surface for the places where you want to feel warm and cozy, especially in your bedrooms, living rooms or the media rooms. It goes without saying, soft surface flooring suits the kid’s rooms best. Choose the neutral colors in order to give a room universal appeal, but dont change colors in every room.


Those are all the rules of mixing flooring, please follow the dos and donts above. They will help you to have more comfortable and nice rooms.

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