Is It Necessary to Underlay LVT?

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Luxury vinyl tiles, also known as Click vinyl flooring or LVT for short, can imitate high-end flooring. It can be called the strongest floor on the market.


LVT raises the standard of interior design. It is manufactured with a solid vinyl backing, high-density glass fiber, PVC sheet and reinforced K-Guard+ PU surface treatment multilayer structure. Compared with ceramic tiles, the two are comparable in terms of color, texture, resolution and simulation effects, but the high end vinyl tile is lighter, more flexible, warmer, more comfortable to the feet, lower price, and easier to install . The visual effect is the same as the hardwood floor, but the LVT is much better, easier to maintain, not easy to be cut and scratched, and the price is not expensive, especially when compared with high-priced imported wood. The decorative pattern of non slip vinyl flooring is similar to the appearance of natural wood, granite or other types of flooring.


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How is LVT Made?


LVT is mainly composed of three parts, including base, design layer and top layer. The compact bottom layer provides the structural support needed for good vinyl performance. The bottom layer uses a layer of glass fiber, which has the advantages of stability, anti-curling, and a cushioning and soft feeling. The ultra-realistic design layer uses advanced technology to inject amazing wood, stone and ceramic patterns on the design film. The grid coating brings a realistic effect. The top layer must be a defensive wear layer. The final coating of K-Guard+ PU surface treatment has good cleaning ability and scratch resistance.


How is LVT laid?


Vinyl looking tile has relatively high requirements on the floor and requires professional staff to lay it. Therefore, considering the cost, it is usually only suitable for large-area laying. LVT is quick and easy to install, has good moisture resistance, is durable and easy to clean. Premium vinyl flooring is completely waterproof, so it can be used almost anywhere in the home, including the main layer, upper layer and below. It works especially in bathrooms and kitchens, where water often ends up on the floor. Therefore, luxury vinyl tile for bathroom and luxury vinyl tile for kitchen are very common.


1. Measure the area of the room


Before installing luxury vinyl flooring tile, it is very necessary to accurately measure the pavement area of the room. This will help you lose the material in the process of nucleic acid laying.


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2. Primary treatment


Before the formal paving of the kitchen luxury vinyl tile, primary treatment is the primary task. Grassroots treatment is mainly to repair the problem ground to form a new base to avoid the arching of the floor due to the hollow and cracks of the original base. After finishing the basic treatment, the next step is to level the ground.


3. Leveling the ground


The level error of the ground cannot exceed 2mm. Uneven ground will not only cause gaps in the skirting, the overall floor will also be uneven, and there will be abnormal noise, but also seriously affect the quality of the floor.

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