Try to Win More Opportunities Under the Pandemic Crisis

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1.Expand production capacity

To meet the demand of customers all over the world, our company has upgraded the production scale. We have added some SPC locking flooring production equipment, which successfully makes the production scale 3 times higher than before. Now the capacity of our SPC locking flooring production line has increased by 4 times, and we can produce 5W square meters of high-quality SPC locking flooring every day.

2. Proactive cost reduction

We always insist on the lowest price and the highest quality to bring the best experience to our customers. Environmental standards are increasing worldwide, which makes it necessary for flooring factories to consider more ecological factors in their production activities. To meet the requirements of China's energy-saving and emission reduction policy, we have installed solar photovoltaic panels in our factory, which has greatly saved our production cost. And the lower cost gives us a big advantage over the future competition.

3. Increase product inventory

The biggest damage COVID-19 caused us was that we didn't have enough workers to produce enough quality wood panels. We don't want to face the same problem again. So we have upgrade our raw materials and inventory to counteract the risk of uncertainty. For example, we have already got 1.7 million square meters of color film in stock, and we continue to add more. Adequate product inventory ensures our company to deliver the latest designs of flooring without out-of -stock situation and provides solid security for our customers.

4. Continuous innovation

The best way to improve competition is to update products constantly. Even during the pandemic, our company still insisted on upgrading technology and maintaining equipment. In addition, we always maintain a refined management model, which not only stimulates the creative passion of our workers but also ensures that our products are always made with high quality.

5. Develop domestic market

The international trade form faced severe challenges these years, for example, the Chinese trade market despite the obvious growth rate of exports, the growth rate of imports is lower than expected. To cope with the changing market environment, our company has adjusted the sales model. The current approach is to develop the Chinese domestic market while maintaining international customers. Despite the obstacles, we always take a positive attitude to face the challenges posed by COVID-19.

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