Vinyl and laminate flooring, which should I choose?

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In the eyes of many people, vinyl flooring and laminate flooring can be confusing because they can't directly choose between the two. Why is there such a problem? This is because there are many similarities between these two types of flooring in providing solutions for consumers, but there seem to be some essential differences, which make many consumers dare not rashly make choice.

High-end LVT flooring is always compared to laminate flooring because the two are very similar in terms of production cost and product durability. Both flooring types are known to imitate the appearance of natural stone or wood, and can therefore be designed in a variety of styles. From the most superficial difference, LVT flooring can give more options in imitating patterns and materials, while laminate flooring are more focused on replicating the look of wood flooring. Next let's learn more about the inner differences.

1. Differences due to materials

If you have both types of flooring, you will find that the difference in the sound emitted by the two flooring is more obvious, and the reason for this difference is the composition of the flooring. LVT flooring are made from vinyl, a very malleable, soft material, while laminate flooring are made from fiberboard, which is generally very hard. On the other hand, differences in materials lead to different degrees of impact on the environment. Since the raw material of fiberboard is recyclable wood pulp, it is very environmentally friendly. Of course this is not to say that LVT flooring have a bad impact on the environment. Although its raw materials are not so environmentally friendly, it still has an advantage in terms of cost.

7-1Laminate vs. Vinyl Flooring

2. Differences caused by installation

In general, these two kinds of flooring are relatively easy to install, and the homeowner does not even need to hire an installation worker, they can do it themselves. However, these two types of flooring need to consider different preconditions during the installation process. The installation of laminate flooring requires more consideration of the humidity of the environment, because the core of the fiberboard is like a sponge and will be affected by moisture, which will eventually cause the flooring to expand. This means that laminate flooring are not suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms, where there is a high potential for contact with water. But this problem does not arise with LVT vinyl flooring, which are highly waterproof and impermeable. The second consideration is mainly for the specific installation scenario. Although both flooring have superior abrasion resistance, LVT flooring are superior in terms of long-term care and use. If you need a lot of flooring in your home or business and want to easily restore the gloss to your flooring after many years of use, then LVT flooring are even more ideal because LVT flooring can be completely repainted with a new wear layer after many years layers to rejuvenate the floor - but laminate flooring cannot be recoated as a whole.

Considering many aspects, we finally believe that the overall performance of LVT flooring will be more superior, and the scope of application will be wider. If you are still unsure of your final choice, please contact our professional flooring experts for a customized service.


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