What Types of PVC Flooring are Best to Use?

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PVC flooring is a chemically bonded wood flooring that has become very popular in the global market in recent years. This is because it combines many of the positive characteristics of quality floor coverings, such as versatility, ease of care, good value for money, and good durability. Vinyl flooring has therefore become increasingly popular in recent years. The main raw material used to produce PVC flooring is polyvinyl chloride, which is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource that is perfect for all living spaces, commercial areas, and even industrial locations.


Vinyl planks are an excellent choice for people who want the look and durability of hardwood flooring at a fraction of the cost. The planks come in large, square, or one-piece vinyl rolls. Many people prefer vinyl planks because of their similarity to hardwood flooring.


With many different types of vinyl flooring available within the marketplace now, it is no longer as easy for the layman to decide which flooring is suitable for the intended use. For those who do not know the building materials industry, it can be difficult to distinguish between the different PVC flooring types. What types of vinyl flooring are available and how do they differ?


To help customers choose the most suitable PVC flooring, this article will present simple knowledge about PVC vinyl flooring.


36-1-homogeneous PVC flooring


1. Different shapes of vinyl flooring.

The easiest way to classify vinyl flooring is in terms of shape. There are two main types of vinyl flooring, which are PVC vinyl tiles and PVC vinyl flooring rolls. PVC vinyl sheet flooring is a vinyl floor covering that is designed to mimic natural flooring. These consistently sized sheets are quick and easy to install and are perfect for renovating a home. Vinyl PVC roll is like a large cardboard sheet that can be cut into various shapes and sizes as needed for use. As one of the most affordable flooring solutions for homeowners, vinyl rolls can meet the flooring needs of almost any size of home.



2. Vinyl flooring with different structures.

Heterogeneous PVC flooring with a multi-layer structure is typically made up of four to five layers of PVC flooring material pressed together. Each layer of PVC flooring material has different characteristics, such as a wear layer, printing layer, glass fiber layer, and base layer. Due to its complete performance, this type of PVC can be combined with other flooring materials and is used in commercial and industrial spaces.


Vinyl flooring that is pressed by PVC flooring materials with the same properties is called homogeneous PVC flooring. This material has the same color and properties as the material from top to bottom. This ensures that it is cost-effective and has a long service life. They are therefore suitable for public places with high traffic flow such as hospitals, schools, or industrial areas.


36-3-the most suitable PVC flooring


3. Vinyl flooring of different appearance.

The color on the PVC parquet is very uniform and the primary color particles are naturally arranged. The uniform and the coordinated color scheme allow you to use inserted PVC parquet flooring in almost any environment. However, if you don't like a single color, you can choose PVC printed vinyl flooring. Make it more suitable for decorating your home by adding a print. This printed PVC flooring can be printed in a way that looks like marble, hardwood, or other types of expensive flooring.


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