What are the characteristics of SPC flooring? How much do you know?

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Flooring is a device that every household needs, and SPC flooring is the most common of all floors. You'll find this type of floor used in many establishments, whether it's an auto shop, retail store, or training facility, SPC floors are almost everywhere. Do you think we are exaggerating, in fact, this type of floor is not the new type of resilient floor you think, SPC floor has even been around for over 100 years. Let's learn about its history together.

SPC flooring was first discovered in the early 20th century and was widely used to make tyres as an alternative to more expensive rubber. During World War II such materials were mainly used to insulate electric wires. In the mid-20th century, SPC tiles began to gain wide popularity, and this step established SPC flooring as a leader in the near future. Since this time, this material has gradually evolved into a variety of flooring types with different characteristics such as waxless flooring and upholstered SPC flooring. As flooring technology continues to evolve and develop, SPC flooring with a fashionable look is becoming more and more popular, and the cost of this flooring is less than half of hardwood flooring. In fact, there is an important factor in the popularity of SPC floor, that is, the manufacturing process of SPC tile flooring is completely without the participation of asbestos components, and this component is precisely harmful to health.

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SPC flooring features

1. Look stylish and realistic

SPC flooring is not a real solid wood flooring, but it has a very realistic appearance of real wood, which makes you feel like a real wood floor when you step on it. In addition, we also offer exclusive customization of SPC flooring patterns and colors, so you can use your imagination to create your own unique flooring style.

2. Effectively prevent pests

Anyone who uses hardwood floors knows they are popular with termites and other bugs. They will gradually penetrate and eat the floor, and eventually the floor will become less rigid. Conversely, SPC flooring as a plastic flooring is the most hated material for pests such as termites, which will never erode such flooring.

3. Strong durability

SPC flooring can withstand high human flow environment, so this type of flooring can be used in offices, stores, malls and other crowded places. On the other hand, if you have pets in your house or like to go out with them, these floors won't be damaged by them either. As a professional flooring manufacturer, we also provide a multi-year warranty service for SPC flooring, so that you can be more assured to use.

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4. Safe and waterproof

Fire-resistant flooring is one of the main ingredients in SPC flooring, so in case of fire, this kind of flooring can prevent the spread of fire to some extent. In addition, since the SPC floor surface usually has embossed design, which makes it more grip and skid resistance, it is safer for the elderly and children. If your floor installer is a professional, installing SPC floors will make your floors impervious to water. This is one of the features that helps extend its durability by preventing water penetration. It's definitely ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and other slippery areas.

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