What are the commonly used basketball court floors?

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The environment of the office will affect the mentality of going to work. A good office environment can make employees active and energetic. So what materials are laid on the floor of the office?


Floor material

In addition to being beautifully decorated, floor materials require wear resistance, easy cleaning, fire prevention, sound absorption and noise reduction. The decoration style requirements and grades of each office are different. Small companies are more rudimentary, large companies are more luxurious, and creative companies are more individual. According to different decoration requirements, office floor materials can choose solid wood flooring, patterned laminate flooring, the popular multi-layer wood flooring, PVC plastic flooring and so on.


100 plank wood flooring (2)

Choice of wooden floor

1. The high-strength composite wood flooring has high hardness, good wear resistance, simple and convenient paving, and low price, but the foot feel is slightly worse.

2. The solid timber flooring has a good foot feel, natural texture and color, but slightly poorer hardness. And because it is natural, there is a big difference in texture and color, and wooden keel is required for paving. Therefore, the price is relatively high.

3. The solid laminate sheet flooring absorbs the advantages of the above two, the price is between the two, but the hardness is the worst of the three. Generally, the choice of wooden floor should conform to its natural characteristics, considering the three aspects of color difference, strength and dryness.

Tile material

Ceramic tile flooring is still the main choice for office floor materials. At present, the specifications, styles and colors of some ceramic tiles are gradually increasing. At the same time, floor tiles have the advantages of durability, convenience and easy cleaning. The decoration of ceramic tile installation is luxurious and decent, making it the first choice for consumers to decorate meeting rooms, office areas, and manager offices.


Choice of tiles

1. Identify the quality of tiles from whether there are cracks. The cracks in the tiles mainly include cracks in the lower layer of uranium and surface cracks, which are rarely seen in products with high quality.

2. Identify the quality of the tiles from whether the tile surface is flat or not, without unevenness. Although the uranium layer of some bricks is bright, but there are inclusions in the uranium layer, such tiles are not good.

3. Identify the quality of tiles from the appearance, and measure whether the size is standard. Use tape measure or caliper to measure whether the diagonal and four sides of the tile are uniform in size and thickness.



100 plank wood flooring (1)

Carpet material

The carpet floor has the characteristics of soft texture and easy installation. It does not require complicated operations to install. In addition, office carpet flooring has the advantages of water absorption, anti-skid, noise reduction, and adsorption of dust particles in the air.


Choice of carpet

1. Blended carpets are mostly blended with wool fibers and various synthetic fibers. The use is similar to pure wool carpets, but it can overcome the shortcomings of pure wool carpets that are easy to corrode.

 2. Chemical fiber carpet is wear-resistant and elastic. After special treatment, it can prevent burning, anti-fouling, anti-static, anti-insect, etc. It can be used in office decoration.

 3. The pure wool carpet is soft in texture, not prone to insects, with large surface elasticity, strong tensile force, sufficient luster and outstanding texture. It is suitable for use in luxury houses and hotels.


Office decoration floor materials mainly include the above three types: floor materials, tile materials and carpet materials. Do you know how to choose office floors?



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