What is commercial vinyl flooring?

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Since investment in production around 1930, Vinyl Flooring has begun to play an important impact in the construction industry. Around 1950, vinyl floor sheets became the main competitor of other resilient flooring and became the most cost-effective laminate flooring waterproof choice for home bathrooms and kitchens. Now, vinyl flooring is not only popular in home design, but also widely used in commercial spaces with high traffic. So what exactly is vinyl commercial flooring?


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What is vinyl commercial flooring?

As a flooring material, vinyl is a combination of synthetic materials such as glass fiber, polyvinyl chloride, and plasticizers. Also because it is composed of multiple layers of different materials, vinyl commercial flooring is not only durable but also comfortable. After nearly 100 years of production, development and redesign, the current vinyl floor is thicker than in the past, which means that its moisture resistance and water resistance have become stronger.

What are the advantages of vinyl commercial flooring?

There are many advantages to installing vinyl flooring. These are the true characteristics practiced by vinyl flooring retailers and suppliers since the 1950s.


Low maintenance

Vinyl flooring is relatively easy to care for. But make sure that grit and dirt are cleaned up in time to maintain a good floor surface. It is recommended to use a damp mop and a certified vinyl floor cleaner to remove stains. Few floor sheets are as easy to maintain as vinyl laminate flooring now.


Water resistance

A well-installed vinyl floor waterproof is almost impermeable, making it an ideal material for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, or other high-humidity spaces in the home.


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Cheap price

Within a certain range, the cost of vinyl may be as low as fifty cents per square foot, and most of them will not exceed the medium cost level. The high-end vinyl materials can cost as much as $10 per square foot, but the price of this material is still cheaper than high-end flooring materials (such as stone). The price difference of elastic vinyl products depends on the quality of the material and the design options on the surface.



Vinyl is generally considered a highly durable material that can last 10 to 20 years if installed and maintained properly. However, the quality of the materials purchased and the method of manufacture will determine the lifespan of your floor. Solid vinyl flooring and composite vinyl floor tiles are uniform and the color penetrates into each layer, which makes them more resistant to scratch damage. The printed vinyl tiles has a transparent wear-resistant layer that protects the surface. In addition, one advantage of using vinyl tiles is that individual components can be easily replaced when damaged.


Stain resistance

Printed vinyl flooring have a clear wear layer that acts as a surface barrier and protects the floor from stains and spills. These materials are very easy to clean and maintain. Solid and composite vinyl tiles do not have this surface protection and are more susceptible to stains, requiring occasional peeling and polishing.


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