What is the Best LVT Flooring Underlayment Material?

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Luxury Vinyl Tile, is a premium resilient flooring that can realistically simulate wood grain and stone flooring. LVT flooring is one of the hottest selling products in the flooring market today and is widely used in commercial facilities, hospitals, and home décor.


Kentile pioneered the introduction of polyethylene floor tiles in the middle of the last century. With the technological revolution, LVT flooring emerged. Innovations in design and performance have added great potential to this type of product. Over the past few decades, professional LVT flooring has been used extensively in the U.S. building and decorating market.


One of the advantages of LVT flooring is that it is highly imitable, with surface textures and relief-like effects that make it virtually indistinguishable from its imitators. In addition, quality LVT flooring is very different from traditional flooring. Distinguished from hard materials such as stone and tile, LVT faux stone flooring gives a more comfortable experience. On the other hand, LVT flooring has a unique anti-slip ability and sufficient stain resistance, which is easier to be cleaned compared to ordinary flooring. The surface layer of LVT flooring is a pure PVC wear layer, which is not easily damaged. the bottom layer of LVT flooring is a mixture of lime and PVC, which is stable and not easily to be deformed. LVT flooring has a very low maintenance cost compared to the risk of wood flooring which can be easily deformed and insect.


44-1-LVT flooring


LVT stone flooring structure has 4 layers from bottom to top.

1. The bottom layer is the backing which is made of lime and PVC mixture.


2. The main function of the printing layer is to print the design pattern of LVT flooring, which is located above the bottom layer.


3. Wear-resistant layer is the pure PVC transparent wear-resistant layer covered by the printing layer.


4. PU protective coating. The outermost layer of LVT stone flooring is PU protective coating with wear-resistant layer clean treatment technology.


A good subfloor can improve the feel of walking along the floor in a given room. Finding the best underlayment for your flooring type can maximize the life of your floor and protect it from environmental damage.



44-2-professional LVT flooring

Felt backing

Felt backing is a traditional form of carpet backing, often consisting of wool. It is used as an underlayment and can extend the life of the carpet. It also provides thermal and acoustic insulation. Natural fiber felt does not emit any volatile organic compounds and is a very environmentally friendly material.



Combination Underlay

A combination backing is made up of two different materials, felt and rubber. The combination underlay is ideal for installation under the carpet and has properties such as insulation and durability.



PU foam padding

This is a particularly popular type of liner among consumers. Because it consists of recycled furniture foam and is very inexpensive, PU foam padding is best suited for bedrooms because it provides long-lasting softness underfoot, especially considering that bedrooms have less foot traffic than other rooms in the home.


You can choose the liner from your home LVT flooring as needed.


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