What is the Difference Between PVC Flooring and Vinyl Flooring?

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PVC flooring is a chemically combined wood flooring that has become very popular in the global market in recent years. Due to the different habits, there has different names for PVC flooring. For those who do not know the building materials, it is difficult to distinguish between PVC flooring, PVC vinyl flooring, and polyethylene PVC flooring. In addition, vinyl flooring is also known as vinyl laminate tile flooring and luxury vinyl flooring. So, what is the difference between all of these floor coverings?


The truth is that most wood flooring on the market with the word "vinyl"  is essentially the same material. PVC is the chemical abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride, which is the core material that makes up vinyl flooring. For this reason, PVC flooring is often abbreviated as polyethylene flooring or simply as vinyl flooring. All three of these designations are the most common terms for this particular floor covering, PVC flooring.


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PVC wooden flooring is the most commonly used and popular soft flooring types. The main raw material used to produce PVC flooring is polyvinyl chloride, which is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, renewable resource that has long been used in large quantities in people's daily lives, such as non-food grade bags, garbage bags, and architectural decorative panels. Especially, plastic PVC flooring whose main component is natural stone powder does not contain any radioactive elements is a new type of green and environmentally friendly floor decoration material. Because of its superior performance and protection of the environment, PVC flooring has replaced tile and wood flooring in most countries as the first choice of floor decoration materials.


While vinyl flooring is a generic and broad term for flooring types, different designations describe specific styles of different models of PVC vinyl flooring. Vinyl laminate tile flooring is often referred to VCT flooring. This is the traditional style that has been created around for decades. Luxury vinyl flooring is known as LVT or LVP. These are modern improvements to vinyl flooring that offer superior durability and a design that can impeccably mimic the look of wood, stone, marble, and ceramic flooring.


34-2-PVC wooden flooring

Because of the need for environmental protection, the PVC flooring materials produced by international PVC manufacturers are required to undergo IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green certification. Our company's professional PVC flooring production equipment can produce high-quality PVC flooring and can reduce the production cost of PVC flooring so that the PVC flooring cost per square foot can be reduced to one-third of the cost in using original wood flooring.


Any other questions? You can also learn more about vinyl PVC flooring and see the various vinyl flooring samples we offer by browsing through the articles on our website. We hope you can choose a suitable type of PVC flooring for your need.

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