What is the best commercial flooring?

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, when buying some building materials, we pay more attention to their potential advantages. PVC plastic floor covering is currently widely used in homes, schools, office buildings, hospitals and other places. Plastic flooring has a wide range of applications and is very suitable for commercial areas with a large flow of people.



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Advantages of PVC plastic floor

Shopping malls have a relatively large passenger flow and a relatively large area, so the quality of the floor materials required is relatively high. In addition, there are more elderly and children in shopping malls, which can easily cause congestion and fall, so it must have anti-slip function. Then shopping malls choose PVC flooring sheet, the basic is to wear, non-slip, followed by color, thickness.


PVC vinyl sheet belongs to elastic floor, which has good elasticity. It not only provides a good foot feel, but also has the effect of mute and noise reduction, which helps to create a warm and comfortable humanized environment. Moreover, the ceramic tile flooring that have just been mopped will be very slippery if there is water remaining. The daily care of solid wood flooring is more troublesome. The daily cleaning of PVC floor is basically the same as that of ceramic tiles. The difference is that PVC floor will feel more astringent when it encounters water, so it is not easy to slip even if there is water on the surface.


PVC tiles flooring has a rich variety of colors. There are personalized patterns, as well as traditional wood grain, stone grain, marble grain, you can choose at will, matching different decoration styles very well. Moreover, floor tiles PVC has strong abrasion resistance. Research has proved that the average life span of the PVC sheet floor is more than 10 years in places with a large flow of people. These characteristics of PVC flooring make it a perfect choice for commercial buildings with a large flow of people.



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How to choose commercial flooring?

1. The daily passenger flow of large shopping malls is very large. Many people buy, consume, and entertain here. Of course, they will care about the consumption environment of large shopping malls. Therefore, the decoration design should be high-grade, so the floor laid should be able to reflect the style of the mall.


2. Because there are a lot of people coming and leaving in the shopping mall every day, the floor should be wear-resistant. Otherwise, the floor will be severely worn, which will affect the appearance. It also needs to be replaced frequently, which is a waste of money and affects the shopping experience of the mall.


3. The anti-skid effect of the floor is very important. It is necessary to take care of the elderly with mobility impairments and energetic children, so the anti-skid effect of the floor should be good. Therefore, it greatly reduce the probability of slipping and bring better shopping experience to the mall.


4. The most important factor of construction materials and facilities spread in public places is to ensure health, non-toxic and environmental protection. After all, it cannot bring health problems to consumers.


5. Each shopping mall has a unique decoration style, and the chosen floor should be able to adapt to different decoration styles. This requires the style and design of the floor to meet consumer demand.


PVC plastic flooring is widely used in various places with high passenger flow, such as shopping malls and hospitals. Moreover, through the efforts of our research team, the service life of PVC plastic floor has been greatly extended. Compared with floors made of other materials, PVC plastic flooring is easier to construct and shortens the construction period.


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