What’s the cause of dry back floor arching?

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PVC floor is widely used by people, because of its waterproof, formaldehyde-free and high cost-effective gradually. Every step of the construction of PVC floor is very particular. Many users are wondering why so popular PVC floor will be just completed shortly after the emergence of arch. The main reasons which causeed the PVC floor to arch are in the below:


1. The ground moisture is too high

The foundation ground must be dry, at which point the moisture content should be less than or equal to 3% . Otherwise, the rise of water vapor will glue dissolved, so that the glue lost adhesion, the pressure of water vapor will push up the floor, resulting in floor bulging.



67Dry back floor

2. Self-leveling is not completely dry

Normally, the self leveling takes 24 to 48 hours to dry, and this time can be carried out on the floor of the installing. If the construction site humidity, and is not ventilated enclosed space, drying time must be relatively extended. If the self-leveling is not completely dry on the laying of the floor, there will inevitably be a bulge phenomenon.



67.Dry back floor

3. Temperature problem

The floor should be installed in a reasonable ambient temperature. Generally, the temperature should be kept at 15 °C as high as 32 °C; if it is lower than 15 °c, the construction should be careful; if it is lower than 8 °c, the construction should be forbidden (except special auxiliary materials) . Because in the low temperature environment, the strength of the self-leveling and the adhesive force of the Glue Drop, which leads to the floor bulge. Similarly, if construction at high temperature, the self-leveling fluidity reduced, glue accelerated curing, drying time and construction time is greatly shortened, there may have been construction time, or even there is no glue behind the floor, resulting in bulge.


In summary, no matter how good the quality of the floor, if there is no proper installation and ground base, there will be some problems. We are committed to solving the user's various problems, so in the floor are placed in the installation instructions.



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