What should be paid attention to in SPC flooring installation?

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SPC flooring is known as the best flooring that can be DIY installed, so understanding its specific installation methods and precautions can help you do the job better.

Preliminary preparation

Any installation work requires adequate preparation by the installer. The following situations must be considered. The first is to observe the condition of the sub-flooring to make sure that the flooring on this level has been completely cleaned and kept absolutely dry, as wet surfaces can easily cause the flooring to swell. The second point is to check the bottom layer for serious unevenness or cracks. Before installing the flooring, make sure you have removed the flooring accessories from your home. For any area that may be affected by east or west wind sun, it is recommended to place shades or drapes to "block" the windows during installation and while the adhesive cures after installation.

4-2SPC Hybrid Vinyl Plank Flooring

Tool preparation

Installing anything requires having all the tools you need ready ahead of time, rather than stopping and looking around in the middle of the installation. Generally, we recommend preparing the following tools: a knife for cutting SPC flooring, a sharp pair of scissors, a tape measure of sufficient length, a marker pen, some backing paper, etc. Of course, the best preparation is to ask your flooring supplier in advance and let them give you the most comprehensive installation guide. Among the key questions to ask are what kind of adhesive you need for your flooring, how to handle and store the flooring during installation, what backing paper you should use, and what planning needs to be done for your existing flooring.

Specific installation

The installation methods of SPC plank flooring are quite diverse. The first is the lock-type installation. This type of installation is suitable for SPC flooring with long and short sides. The two flooring are spliced together to provide a good grip. The second is adhesive SPC flooring, which needs to be done with an adhesive. When installing SPC flooring, using the glue method, the moisture content of the flooring is important. Depending on the type of adhesive you use, you may need to test the concrete for moisture or use a moisture barrier. To be on the safe side, you may want to check with your flooring supplier for proper sub-flooring moisture levels before installation.

4-3SPC Hybrid Vinyl Plank Flooring

SPC plank flooring is another branch, and its installation is also skillful. If you choose a full-spread SPC plank flooring to install on a high-traffic utility surface, remember to choose a permanent adhesive. The correct way to install SPC plank flooring is to start from the center. Second, you can choose a larger round rolling pin to further ensure a smooth flooring surface. A separate adhesive is required for stripable SPC plank flooring. The installation method is roughly the same as the one above, but be careful not to place it on the surface of the flooring.

Once your flooring are installed, it's time for proper maintenance, check out our flooring maintenance advice for tips on how to better care for and maintain your SPC flooring. Please choose us as your flooring supplier, we have high-quality flooring, affordable price, long-term warranty service, and professional technical consultants to meet your various needs.

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