Which floors are suitable for commercial bathrooms?

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The floor of the bathroom and the actual environment of the bathroom need to complement each other. It can withstand high humidity and frequent stain resistance. And because of the increase in the frequency of commercial bathroom usages, there are more factors that need to be considered when choosing a floor. So which types of flooring are suitable for commercial bathrooms?



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Waterproof vinyl flooring

Today, vinyl floor tile is one of the most popular flooring choices due to its durability and comfort. Vinyl plank flooring can simulate almost any color and style. The core layer of the waterproof vinyl floor is reinforced with additional layers, and it is also better in terms of waterproofing.


When buying a waterproof vinyl tile with a rigid core structure, you may encounter wood-plastic composites (WPC) and stone-plastic composites (SPC). Nowadays, SPC's special composite board for floor heating is more commonly used with floor heating, which has stable physical properties, a small thermal expansion coefficient, and uniform heat dissipation. WPC vinyl flooring contains wood chips or other wood materials, thermoplastic resins, fibers, and foaming agents. This type of floor material is lightweight, flexible, warm, and comfortable. SPC vinyl flooring materials use ground limestone, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and stabilizers. Compared with the WPC floor, the SPC floor is thinner, denser and heavier. Due to its thin nature, there is almost no padding under the feet, which makes it slightly less comfortable than WPC flooring.



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Ceramic tile

The types of ceramic tile flooring can be roughly divided into five categories according to the production process and characteristics: glazed tiles, full-body tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles and mosaic tiles. In the use of the bathroom, it is necessary to choose tiles with low water absorption, high density and non-slip texture. In high-humidity spaces, tiles with low water absorption can quickly keep dry. The high density ensures that the ceramic tiles have excellent hardness, which is not easy to damage and clean. The matte surface tiles can have good slip resistance, and safety is the most important thing.


If there is no good designer's guidance, for bathroom tiles, you should remember to use dark tiles to adjust the atmosphere in well-lit areas, and light-colored tiles can only be used in dimly-lit bathrooms. The choice of bathroom tile flooring should be matched with the walls, or similar in design and color. Under normal circumstances, the color of the floor tiles needs to be slightly thicker than that of the wall tiles, so that it will not feel top-heavy.



Stone flooring

The natural stone tiles commonly used in construction are sandstone, slate, marble, limestone, and granite. In fact, there are also several common ones in indoor construction, but because of the price problem, the popularity of artificial stone floor tile is also very high. It is also called quartz stone.


Natural stone flooring can make the space beautiful and improve your decoration. Moreover, each stone has a different texture alignment, which increases the uniqueness and texture of the commercial bathroom.


Through the above introduction, have you found a suitable floor type for your commercial bathrooms?

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