Why choose tile in the living room and wooden floor in the bedroom?

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When decorating a house, many people pay attention to the decoration of the ground, especially ceramic tiles and floors. Some owners prefer ceramic tiles, believing that ceramic tiles are more wear-resistant and have a long service life. Some owners prefer to lay the solid wood flooring and feel that the wood floor is more upscale. So, is it good to have ceramic tile flooring in the living room and wood floor in the bedroom?



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Comparison of ceramic tile and wood floor

Advantages of ceramic tiles

In comparison, the cleaning and maintenance of ceramic tiles are simpler and easier. And no matter what kind of tiles we use, they are relatively high in water resistance, corrosion resistance, and hardness. Ceramic tiles are also more wear-resistant and can withstand greater pressure. Relatively speaking, they are also more environmentally friendly floor materials. In addition, the styles of ceramic tiles are also relatively rich, both in size and color are diversified, and the selection is relatively large.


Disadvantages of ceramic tiles

The biggest disadvantage of tiles is comfort. Its thermal insulation performance is relatively poor. When we step on it barefoot, we have a cold feeling, and the foot feels very bad. What's more, for some smooth tiles, the anti-slip performance is relatively poor. If there is water on the ground, it is easy to slip and fall.


Advantages of wooden floor

The texture of the laminated wooden flooring is very good. Moreover, it looks more beautiful, and the decoration effect is more advanced. The most important thing is that the foot feels more comfortable. It feels better for us to step on it with bare feet at home. And for oak wood floors, the sound insulation effect is very good, which can reduce noise problems, and the insulation performance is also good.


Disadvantages of wooden floors

Relatively speaking, it is not easy to clean up, and it needs regular maintenance. Wood floors are easily affected by weather and humidity. If we use them improperly, they are prone to cracking and uplifting. For some cheap wooden flooring, if the choice is not good, the formaldehyde content is relatively large. Besides, the wooden floor price will be higher than that of ceramic tiles, and the use cost will be higher.


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Is the matching of ceramic tiles and wood floors good?

In fact, such a combination is also a popular way in recent years. With the continuous improvement of people's economic level, the requirements for decoration are also getting higher and higher. However, we should also consider the overall effect and service life. For our living room, it is an open public space. Whether it is a friend visiting the house or we are at home, the living room can be used for a relatively long time. In this case, it is necessary to consider a series of issues such as the degree of wear resistance and cleanliness of the floor.


For the bedroom, it is mainly our private and independent space. We mainly use it when we are resting. The frequency of use of the bedroom will be lower than that of the living room. Therefore, it is also a good choice for us to use solid hardwood flooring, and if we are in the bedroom, we are barefoot. It is more comfortable when stepping on the solid oak flooring, and you are not afraid of getting cold when you get up and land barefoot at night.


It can be seen that laying ceramic tiles in the living room and laying the real wood flooring in the bedroom is a better choice, so that the advantages of both are cleverly applied, while their shortcomings are avoided.


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