Wood Floor Refurbished into SPC Stone Plastic Lock Floor

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Now there are often wooden floors that have been used for a long time and need to be turned over. Stone plastic floor is a perfect scheme.

There are two ways to replace the wood floor with SPC stone plastic lock floor:

One is that if the ground was relatively flat before, the floor should be completely removed, and then the floor should be locked according to SPC stone plastic to realize the renovation effect.

The other is that the wood floor is different. As the bottom layer, SPC stone plastic lock floor is directly laid on it. The following case is a ground renovation case on April 4.

Before the customer refurbished, the deformed wooden floor was relatively dilapidated:

pic 1

Bedroom 1 before renovation

pic 2

Move wardrobe during renovation

pic 3

Bedroom 2 before renovation

pic 4

Aisle location before renovation

Start renovation, directly lay SPC stone plastic lock floor on the wood floor, pad a layer of 1mm pearl cotton, pearl cotton must not be thick, SPC stone plastic lock floor itself is relatively thin, pearl cotton thick is too soft easy to trip:

pic 5

The living room wood floor began to be renovated.

The previous skirting line can be retained, and 5 ~ 10mm expansion joints should be left against the wall of the stone plastic floor to prevent deformation caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction of the board. At this time, you can use L-shaped edge strips (various colors) to fix them with glue. You can also make glass glue to close the edge.

pic 6

L-shaped edge strip

pic 7

The living room has been renovated.

When paving the living room, move the furniture first and leave half of the space for paving.

pic 9

Refurbishment effect

pic 10

Refurbishment effect

pic 11

Refurbishment effect

Be sure to pay attention to whether there is enough gap between the door and the original ground. For example, the stone plastic floor is 4mm thick and 1mm pearl cotton is added, and an additional 6 ~ 7mm gap is needed there. If the gap is not big enough, can the door be adjusted. Make sure that the door can be closed after installation.

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