Would it look good to mix and match flooring at home?

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Most people tend to choose the same floor when decorating the rooms in their homes, which will make each room and the overall style of the home more unified, and also create a sense of space. But there will always be some people who have advanced aesthetics or novel ideas, and they prefer to use different flooring to decorate their homes. In fact, many experts in the flooring industry have put forward the same concept, and they all believe that different types of flooring need to be laid in rooms with different orientations, so that the floor and the room can be more integrated. For example, dark Brazilian walnut flooring are great for south-facing rooms or larger rooms, while lighter flooring are more desirable for smaller rooms. In other words, using different flooring to mix and match styles in your home can make your home more stylish.

In fact, incorporating a mix of flooring into a room in your home can accentuate the contrast. When choosing different flooring, remember to choose different colors or textures of wood, because the combination of too similar flooring will only make the style more cluttered than unique. If you want a light-colored floor in the hallway space, the stairs can use a matching dark wood flooring. Likewise, matching the color of the kitchen cabinets to the lighter shades of the hallway floor maintains unity throughout the home.

In addition to color matching, the choice of length is also very important. Running too long a floor in a small area like a hallway will only make the hallway look very narrow. Therefore, we recommend choosing to lay flooring that are not exactly the same length as the ground floor, which visually makes the space wider. The second is something to be aware of when laying flooring in two opposing rooms. When laying flooring in such two rooms, it is important to keep the flooring in the same direction. The third is specific flooring choices. If the room to be floored doesn't have a lot of sunlight, choose wood flooring with warm tones to neutralize the feel of the room. If the room is small, using light wood can help create a wider sense of space.

Available floor types

1.Marble Look Vinyl Flooring

STYLISH - Authentic wood look and texture to add timeless character to your home!

Easy DIY - Just peel and stick to the floor to install, no power tools, no experience required

Superior Performance - Rigid Surface and Hard Core, 100% Waterproof, Fire Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, Scratch Resistant, High Strength, Non Swelling, Stable.

2.EVP Plank Flooring

EVP has become one of the most popular residential or commercial options in the flooring market today. They have a softer surface and cost less than other flooring materials. Combining the natural look of wood with the durability of vinyl, quality vinyl flooring is an ideal finishing material.

3.Luxury Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Wood Grain Texture - Achieve the look and feel of a natural wood floor using bonded planks. Micro-beveled edges and high-definition film prints create the look of hardwood flooring.

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